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Outbound Marketing & Print Collateral

"The business that considers itself immune to the necessity of advertising, sooner or later finds itself immune to business." --Derby Brown

Outbound marketing is the traditional form of advertising, usually radio, TV or in print versions of trade journals/magazines.  Even with growing popularity of internet marketing, traditional marketing, with relative inefficiency, can compliment your overall brand recognition and should be part of your overall campaign.

  Print advertising is a paid presentation and promotion of a product using print media that is intended to inform and persuade potential customers. It can convey rich and dynamic images and establish a distinctive brand identity.  Advertising sometimes suffers from a credibility problem because potential customers can be cynical and tune out messages they think are biased. Print advertising can be expensive; therefore, firms need to take great care to ensure their messages are effective.
    Meyers Associates has generated and placed hundreds of print advertisements. We identify your target audience and industry publications. We define the advertisement message, layout, copy and graphics. Because we place a large volume of advertisement, and have good relations with publishers and editors, we can negotiate the best advertisement placement at the lowest possible cost.

  Product articles are product description “white-papers” that are published in industry trade journals and magazines at no cost. They are technical articles, generally written by engineers for engineers. Product articles do not suffer from the potential credibility problems of traditional advertisements because they are written by engineers, for engineers. Although product articles require engineering input/resources to generate, they consistently are the most effective form of “advertisement” available.
    Meyers Associates has written, edited and published numerous technical product articles for trade journals and magazines. Our engineering and marketing experience assures informative, attractive and well read product articles. We have an excellent record of getting “more than or fair share” of “front cover” articles.  A front cover article1 example.

  Print collateral, such as product brochures, catalogs and product data sheets are a valuable asset for field sales, and many customers want an easy to reach reference where they can make notes. Print catalogs and product brochures are expensive; therefore, firms need to take great care in their content and production.

Printed operation manuals are an absolute necessity for complex products such as test instruments.  They are always good to have close by when setting-up or using the equipment.  In addition, operation manuals present your company's brand and commitment to quality directly to the end user.
    Meyers Associates can design, write copy and produce quality catalogs, brochures, data sheets and operational manuals cost effectively.

Note: 1: Article written in conjunction with Alexander Chenaken at Phase Matrix (a National Instruments Company).  Graphics by Heather Brown.